Over the years, the Bay Area Public Pool Operators Association (BAPPOA) has grown from a small group of pool operators meeting every other month to a much larger group that continues to meet on the original schedule. In January 2009, BAPPOA adopted by-laws and is on it’s way to becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  BAPPOA continues to meet six times each year, and hosts social events, educational trainings and competitions. Monitoring changing legislation and guidelines, and conducting up to four surveys each year are other valuable services BAPPOA provides to it’s membership.

The Steering Committee was formed in the late 80’s to assist in guiding the operations of the Bay Area Public Pool Operators Association. With the formal organization of BAPPOA, the Steering Committee became a Board of Directors.  There are 9 Board Members, all members of BAPPOA.  Each Board Member, except the Vice President, serves a term of two years on the board and then rotates off.  The Vice President position is a three year term, advancing to President in the second year and Past President in the third year. The nomination process allows for the election of four new members to the Board each year. Board Members may run for consecutive terms.

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of 4 times a year.

The Board of Directors duties are listed here.


The current Board of Directors are:

Tricia Hall (2018)
Highlands Recreation


Vice President
Patrick Lucky (2019)
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District


Secretary & Treasurer
Aaron Roth (2019)
East Bay Regional Park District
Membership, Registration Payment, Annual Budget


Board Member at Large
Affiliations, Training, Staff Development and Legislative Liaison
Tyler Waespi (2019)
East Bay Regional Park District
BAPPOMA Committee Chair, Trainings and Classes


Board Member at Large
Web Master
Monica Sendejas (2018)
City of Gilroy
BAPPOA website updates, social media, and e-mail blasts


Board Member at Large
Scholarships and Awards
Alisha Garcia (2019)
Stanford Athletics
Scholarship Information & Applications, Award Nominees, Awards Banquet


Board Member at Large
Sponsorships and “Friends of BAPPOA” Liaison & Surveys
Steven Thomas (2019)
City of Walnut Creek
925.943.5899 ext. 2448
Liason with Non-Profit Organizations and for Profit Organizations, Handles Survey Questions